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Average Alcohol Consumption by Country

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Alcohol consumption per capita by country

average alcohol consumption by country

The chart above shows the total recorded and unrecorded (expert's estimate) of total annual alcohol consumption per person in each country in 2016. You can easily see the that European, American and Oceanic countries tend to consume more than the Asian and Middle Eastern ones.

Some people who view alcohol negatively might like the map below better.

alcohol consumption by country

The European countries (blue in the chart below) rank at the top of the chart. The top countries in Europe are Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, Moldova, Ireland, Latvia, Bulgaria, etc. All of the countries in Europe are high on the list. In Asia and Africa, the highest consumers are Korea and Nigeria, respectively. On the other hand, Muslim countries do not consume alcohol due to religion.

top 20 countries with highest alcohol consumption

Unfortunately, alcohol can cause health problems. Below is WHO report on alcohol-attributable infectious disease death rate. It definitely correlates with alcohol consumption.

alcohol death rate

Source: WHO.

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