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Pho vs Ramen: Vietnamese People Will Be Sad

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Pho is in a losing battle against ramen since 2014. Visualizing Google Search trends for pho and ramen.

Using Google Search Trends tool, we visualize search volume for pho and ramen in each US state over time.

pho vs ramen

From having half of the states in 2014 to now barely holding on to three states, this is quite a significant loss.

The time series of all states in total shows the shift over time.

pho vs ramen

Personally, I'm not surprised. There are so many Vietnamese restaurants where I live, but if you ask me or any Viet people here questions like "Is there any good pho place up there?", the answer is usually "There are a couple places, but none are good."

This is just my personal experience, but the data is there to tell a story. We really need more high quality and innovative pho restaurants in America.

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