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Most Popular Diner Restaurant Chains in America

10 Largest Diner Restaurant Chains in The US by Number of Locations in 2022

Waffle House is the most popular diner restaurant chain in America with almost 2,000 stores. IHOP came in second with 1,600 stores, followed by Denny's with 1,400. The top three brands are significantly more popular than the rest of our top 10.

Most Popular Diner Restaurant Chains in America

Top 10 most popular diner restaurant chains list is as follows.

1. Waffle House


3. Denny's

4. Huddle House

5. Black Bear Diner

6. Frisch's Big Boy

7. Leo's Coney Island

8. Eggs Up Grill

9. Metro Diner

10. Mel's Diner

These are definitely most popular and largest in America. Do you think they are the best diner restaurants?

The data source is Safegraph. The restaurants are labeled "Diner" by Safegraph. See also the most popular fast food brand in America.

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